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Please be advised that the animals below are not necessarily animals that I own or have owned. Some are, in fact most are but the purpose of this page is to offer animals of any breeder's collection! This page is intended to be a place where RARE & UNUSUAL REPTILES can be found. If you own something rare and wish to post here please contact us and we can post your RARE & UNUSUAL REPTILE here!

White Ball Pythons (Benin) SOLD! .......Mixed Rare Ball Pythons (Benin) SOLD! ..."Calico" Reticulated Python FOR SALE!

"Caramel" Albino Ball Python (Benin) SOLD! ...Same Animal, another photo! ....Albino Deinagkistrodon acutus (China) SOLD!

..Albino Deinagkistrodon acutus SOLD! ...White Reticulated Python (Indonesia) SOLD! White Reticulated Python(Malaysia)SOLD!

Same animal, SOLD! ..................Spider Ball (Original)Not for Sale!....Patternless Emerald: SOLD!

SOLD! .Al Albino Water Monitor (Indonesia) FOR SALE! Calico Amazon Tree Boa SOLD!

2 Head Red Ear Slider. (Make Offer!) For Sale! $450.00 Another Pic of Calico Tree Boa (SOLD)

Gaboon X Puff: $750.00 Spider Ball Babies: $15,000.00 "Ghost" Albino : $12,000.00

Various HIGH END Ball Pythons for the Serious collectors.... INQUIRE for prices!


This page is specifically intended to offer RARE and UNUSUAL animals from the reptile world to all those who are interested! Whether you are just curious or intend to purchase a RARE reptile for an exclusive breeding project, this is the place to look! If you are really serious about some of the animals which are listed as SOLD above, contact us and we'll get your qualified offer to the current owners in a way that would best suit all parties involved.

If you have animals to offer, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to list your RARE and UNUSUAL Reptile(s) free of charge!

Visit this page often, it's ever changing!

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